Breaking News:Nexus Prime Launch Delayed

Just a day after Samsung launched a video for CTIA, today Google and Samsung announced in a joint statement that they have delayed the launch of a new product. The statement which was shared with VentureBeat is as below

Samsung and Google have decided to postpone the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event during the CTIA in San Diego, previously scheduled for Oct. 11. Under the current circumstances, both parties have agreed that this is not the appropriate time for the announcement of a new product. We would ask for the understanding of our clients and media for any inconvenience caused. We will announce a new date and venue in due course.

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Nexus Prime – Leaked Pics

On the day that most of the tech guys are calling “Apple Day”, (Samsung and maybe Google) are trying to spoil party for Tim Cook and Apple. If you ask how – Well GSMArena has supposedly got hold of pics of which they claim as the Nexus Prime – The next handset to be launched by Samsung and Google with IceCream Sandwich – the next version of Android which claims to be the best so far.

The pic is as below

The pic confirms that the next release of Android phones won’t (may be) require soft buttons as all the buttons would be capacitive  i.e. On the screen itself.

By looking at the info on the screen the specs are becoming more clearer – 720p resolution – so HD display is there, Screen would be 4.6″ (obviously diagonal) and a much better pixel density.

The release date of partial leaked photo and of Apple iPhone event is same – is this co-incidence or clever marketing? Whatever it is – it is good news for Android lovers.

And it definitely confirms the rumors of launch of Nexus Prime and IceCream Sandwich on the Samsung Event. I am waiting eagerly for the event – are you?

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IceCream Sandwich Leaked (With Video)

When you order phone from online sites like eBay, Amazon, etc – you get great discounts and freebies – but for a gentleman – when he ordered his Samsung Nexus S -he got something which no one could have imagined – he got his Nexus S loaded with the next to be released Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich. I mentioned in my earlier post on how Samsung is promoting its event next week to (maybe) launch Nexus Prime and IceCream Sandwich.

Brad Molen from Engadget, describes the new changes he can see from Gingerbread.
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Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime Releasing this Oct?

The funny thing about Google is that they are going in all possible direction – maybe trying to become the ultimate brand which comes to your mind in any space – whether its search, Solar Power, Social Media or the latest Launching the next Google Branded Phone aka Nexus Prime.

Yes – you read it right. Yesterday, Apple announced that they will be launching a new iPhone on Oct 4th (maybe iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5 – we will have to wait and watch – Refer Here); So today it had to be Google to make the announcement – but not directly.

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Buying a Tablet: Part 2: What to Look for in a Tablet?

Continuing from my earlier post on Buying a Tablet: Part 1: Do You Really Need One?, i will now brief you about which are the features in a tablet and how you can choose the best for yourself

Screen Sizes

Once you are definite on 2 things – Whether you need a Tablet or not an Which OS you want – there are only a few parameters you can play around with. One of them is Screen Size.

Somehow, the size of the screen plays a very important part in picking the right tablet as it decides a lot of things like

  • Primary Use of the Tablet
  • How heavy the tablet will be
  • Budget of the Tablet
  • Additional things you can do with it

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More Woes for Apple – Samsung Denied Wireless and VIA Denied Processor

If you are an Apple Fan – The news is not good for you.

Yesterday, I posted about Samsung gearing up to Sue Apple over a patent involving use of Wireless technology in iPhone esp iPhone5. (Can Samsung Strikeback with Ban of iPhone5?)

The headlines of today is that Taipei based Chipmaker Via has dragged Apple in the court over a patent infringement involving all the i-based devices and AppleTV also – Yes All of them. Via mentioned Apple infringe on three patents that “generally provides efficient loading of data in the microprocessors and efficient conversion and transfer of data in the microprocessors.”

In its suit filed in Delaware court, VIA mentioned that  “Microprocessors that include this technology can rapidly load data from memory, directly move data between floating point and integer registers, and rapidly convert data from one another, Continue Reading

Can Samsung Strikeback with Ban of iPhone5?

Everyone knows about the recent patent infringements that apple had against Samsung which stopped Samsung from selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 to a lot of geographies.  This act not only caused a lot of sales to Samsung but also created an “Arch” enemy for them.

Recently Korean Times has published an article where they had direct comments from an Unnamed Senior Official from Samsung. They quoted him saying

  • “Just after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here, Samsung plans to take Apple to court here for its violation of Samsung’s wireless technology related patents.”
  • “For as long as apple does not drop mobile telecommunications functions, it would be impossible for it to sell its “i-branded” products without using our patents”.
  • “We have not yet decided whether to launch the suits in South Korea or in a third country,” the unidentified official was quoted as saying.

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Buying a Tablet: Part 1: Do You Really Need One?

Continuing from my earlier post on Google Android or Apple iOS – Which is better for you? here is my 2nd post on buying a tablet. I will cover this post in 2 parts – Whether you really need one and if Yes, then which one?

Before moving forward – I will just list down the tablets currently present in market

  1. Tablets based on Android OS from various manufacturers
  2. Apple iPad series
  3. Windows Tabs
  4. Other including Blackberry Playbook and the Dead HP Touchpad running WebOS
  5. Ebook readers like Kindle, Nook, etc

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