IceCream Sandwich Leaked (With Video)

When you order phone from online sites like eBay, Amazon, etc – you get great discounts and freebies – but for a gentleman – when he ordered his Samsung Nexus S -he got something which no one could have imagined – he got his Nexus S loaded with the next to be released Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich. I mentioned in my earlier post on how Samsung is promoting its event next week to (maybe) launch Nexus Prime and IceCream Sandwich.

Brad Molen from Engadget, describes the new changes he can see from Gingerbread.
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Breaking News – Samsung offers a middle path to Apple

Just after signing a cross licensing deal with Microsoft on 28th Sept, Lawyers from Samsung have offered Apple Inc a deal to end patent disputes between the two over selling Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Apple has sold till date around 500k iPads in Australia alone and is one of the big turfs for them.

The terms have not been disclosed yet, but the Apple lawyers have mentioned that there is a benefit for both the parties. If Apple proceeds with the lawsuit – Samsung may loose a huge market for months as the case may run for a good duration.

The biggest thing maybe for Samsung would be that it will allow them to sell its newtab  ahead of the crucial Christmas sales period.

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Android – Who is making Smart money out of it?

When we talk about the next big Mobile OS – Everyone knows it is Android (Yes, even Apple followers may know that at back of their head), but when it comes to who is making money out of it – people will have the following things in their mind

  • Are they the developers? Nopes – Firstly, they are not making that much money and surely no Smart money
  • Are they the Handset Manufacturers? No – as they are making money for the handset which they are making
  • Is it Google? Guys – Google is giving Android  for free – indirectly they might be making, but thats another topic to discuss.

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Options Driving you crazy? GetComparisons is here

We all believe that having options is a good practice but having too many options definitely drives you crazy – and when you narrow down from 10 to 2 – you are always left confused – so what do you do now? Either you use Google and keep researching or go to a cool new site –

The site has a simple but amazing objective – Compare the two products you are confused about from the best related sites and blogs over the internet and get you reviews and put them in logical clear demarcations – Sounds Simple – doesn’t it? Indeed it is.

I just tried doing a comparison between WordPress and Tumblr and look athe way the results were shown. I was impressed and I am sure anyone who uses it would surely be. Not only does it show you results for what you compared – Continue Reading

Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime Releasing this Oct?

The funny thing about Google is that they are going in all possible direction – maybe trying to become the ultimate brand which comes to your mind in any space – whether its search, Solar Power, Social Media or the latest Launching the next Google Branded Phone aka Nexus Prime.

Yes – you read it right. Yesterday, Apple announced that they will be launching a new iPhone on Oct 4th (maybe iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5 – we will have to wait and watch – Refer Here); So today it had to be Google to make the announcement – but not directly.

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The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog – Rise and Fall of Zynga

EDIT: Based on the link in Sameer’s comment, I have updated my post to include a New PoV. 

We all have heard the above line many a times in our life – and we all know how true it is. There is no excuse of being lazy especially after you launch a path breaking product and then decide that this will be our retirement plan – Wait a minute? Is this what Zynga thought when it launched its 2 amazing products (Well – I never played them but people said its too good) Farmville and Cityville? I think so. So lets see what happened at Zynga?

We all know Zynga had a great great start with its 2 most popular games – CityVille and the mots famous  – FarmVille. Both these games created a new trend in Social gaming creating a new league in itself. Infact the app was so popular that there was atleast 10 friends of yours who were playing either of the above games. I knew friends who were sharing their passwords so that they can work in different timezones to grow and pluck strawberry (OMG). It created Continue Reading

The Next Set of Features for G+ – It Keeps getting better

Last week there were series of changes launched both by  Facebook and Google wherein Facebook launched a whole new look for the users at F8 – Its Developer conference

Well, everyone knew that Google would be responding soon – but Google was quite till now. Infact, they haven’t responded publicly till date. But but but – Matt Mastracci (co-founder and “Programming Stuff” of wrote on his blog that he found some cool new features which may feature in G+ anytime. So, what all he discovered – Here is the list

  • Something like FB wall where you can write on someone’s wall and it doesn’t appear on timelines of other users
  • A new feature (maybe named as) Google Experts Continue Reading

Google Drive – The New Toy from Google – Coming Soon

The whole world is talking about how Cloud is going to change the future and what not. But – to be honest we are encountering Cloud Technology since very long – it was just not delivered in the most impressive way due to various limitations around infra and pricing. But, with high speed internet and cheap online storage – this is becoming a reality.

Some time back Apple announced that it is going all for iCloud. But – how many of us knew that Google has already been working on a drive since 2006 (or maybe before). Infact, I remember using a utility known as GMail Drive which would allow you to upload any kind of files on GMail using your File Explorer and Firefox had an extension which would create a FTP connection to Continue Reading

Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace – Learning from Google

Learning from the competition success is always the best way to avoid Mistake. Believing in this, Microsoft today announced that Windows Phone users won’t need Zune to download apps on their phones – all they need is a a browser.

I believe that for any appstore to be successful – there shouldn’t be any limit in 3 things (of-course after a substantial user base)

  • Apps
  • Payment Options
  • Distribution Channels
These 3 are the key fundamentals Continue Reading

Happy 13th Bday Google :)

Well whoever said 13 is unlucky will definitely be proved wrong – Today is Google’s 13th Bday and I don’t think there is anything that’s going to go wrong with them 🙂

Google was started as BackRub in Jan 1996 in Stanford and within a year the index grew so much that it needed a bigger bandwidth and space – So, Larry and Sargey decided to go out in open – but before that they needed a new name for the search engine – and they came up with Google – a word derived from Matehmetical term word “googol,” a number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

In Aug 1998, Continue Reading