More Party for Android – Is BBM Coming to Android?

I wouldn’t have guessed that minutes after I post Chrome may be coming to Android – I will see another important update to Android.

Since Sept 2010, news in market was that BB playbook will be able to run Android Apps using an external system maybe or something inherit. Then RIM confirmed that they will use an external system (app launcher) to launch Android Apps. It looked like that it was a great deal for BB as the Playbook had goodness of both the platforms.

So how was it good for Android? Well till now, the only advantage



The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog – Rise and Fall of Zynga

EDIT: Based on the link in Sameer’s comment, I have updated my post to include a New PoV. 

We all have heard the above line many a times in our life – and we all know how true it is. There is no excuse of being lazy especially after you launch a path breaking product and then decide that this will be our retirement plan – Wait a minute? Is this what Zynga thought when it launched its 2 amazing products (Well – I never played them but people said its too good) Farmville and Cityville? I think so. So lets see what happened at Zynga?

We all know Zynga had a great great start with its 2 most popular games – CityVille and the mots famous  – FarmVille. Both these games created a new trend in Social gaming creating a new league in itself. Infact the app was so popular that there was atleast 10 friends of yours who were playing either of the above games. I knew friends who were sharing their passwords so that they can work in different timezones to grow and pluck strawberry (OMG). It created Continue Reading

The Next Set of Features for G+ – It Keeps getting better

Last week there were series of changes launched both by  Facebook and Google wherein Facebook launched a whole new look for the users at F8 – Its Developer conference

Well, everyone knew that Google would be responding soon – but Google was quite till now. Infact, they haven’t responded publicly till date. But but but – Matt Mastracci (co-founder and “Programming Stuff” of wrote on his blog that he found some cool new features which may feature in G+ anytime. So, what all he discovered – Here is the list

  • Something like FB wall where you can write on someone’s wall and it doesn’t appear on timelines of other users
  • A new feature (maybe named as) Google Experts Continue Reading

Google Drive – The New Toy from Google – Coming Soon

The whole world is talking about how Cloud is going to change the future and what not. But – to be honest we are encountering Cloud Technology since very long – it was just not delivered in the most impressive way due to various limitations around infra and pricing. But, with high speed internet and cheap online storage – this is becoming a reality.

Some time back Apple announced that it is going all for iCloud. But – how many of us knew that Google has already been working on a drive since 2006 (or maybe before). Infact, I remember using a utility known as GMail Drive which would allow you to upload any kind of files on GMail using your File Explorer and Firefox had an extension which would create a FTP connection to Continue Reading

Get the New Facebook Timeline Profile Now in 10 Simple Steps!!!

So you have heard about Timeline feature of Facebook which was lauched yesterday at F8 – The big question is Can you have it now? Answer is Yes 🙂

Here are the steps for it:

  1. Sign in To Facebook.
  2. Open a New Tab and Enter the following URL:
  3. A page will open asking you to allow the app. Click on Allow App

Allow App
4. Now, Click on Create New App on Top Right Corner. (Don’t Panic – It will be a dummy app to get you access to Timelines – You won’t have to submit it also.
5. Now Fill in Any Dummy details as shown below. The App NameSpace should be available. Now Click on Continue.
Continue Reading

What Happened at F8?

Zuckerberg clearly made his Mark in yesterday’s F8 conference that Facebook is not going to sit idle even though it is 20time bigger than G+. That is the spirit of a true leader 🙂

A lot of things happened yesterday on F8 – The summit started with a comedy intro by Mark Zuckerberg – Sorry, it was Andy Samberg pretending to be Mark Zuckerberg.

As stated in my earlier post Facebook F8 – Cool additions to Facebook, there were a lot of features which FB was planning to launch during F8. A few of them rolled out before only. But, it was not enough.

Timelines: Continue Reading

Google+ responds – Launches 9 New features including going Public beta

Moments after FB launched the new features ( Facebook F8 – Cool additions to Facebook), it was time for google to reply back and they came with a bang. Google+ not only went Public – Open to all from invite only, they also launched 8 new additions mainly to Hangout – The FB killer. Incidently, the 100th Feature of Google Plus is it moving from Field Trial to Public Beta 🙂 A few of them are below:

  1. Hangouts goes  mobile, currently supporting Android 2.3+ devices, and iOS support is “coming soon.”
  2. Continue Reading

Facebook F8 – Cool additions to Facebook

Remember the cool punchline from Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S – “How You Doin?” – Well that is about to change to “What You Doin?”  Thanks to the rumors and some confirmed news – Facebook is launching some major changes at F8 – The Facebook developer conference in SF.

To top it – rumors have it that FB is tying up bigtime with media guys to show what you are listening on your facebook profile. It doesn’t stop there – it will also encompass your Videos, Movies and even TV shows. So, next time you say that you don’t watch crappy Ekta Kapoor’s soaps – be careful 😉

Also, a new commerce engine might be in place which will let you use your FB credits to buy goodies – may be another appstore?

Remember the  mighty Spartans from movie 300? Well, FB is not giving the movie for free – but they are building a whole new HTML5 based mobile platform codenamed Project Spartan.

Apart from this expect a lot of profile page changes – incidentally, it is targeted towards make users Sticky – Wooh… if people are more sticky, then I think FB may have to start their own Food and Nature Call’s service 😉

Keep your eyes and ears open for Thursday, 22nd Sep 2011 – Thats when F8 is happening.

Google Plus – The Plus (Rise) and Minus (Fall)

So, we all saw that Google recently dumped (not officially) Orkut and launched a brand new awesome Social Networking Site a.k.a Facebook Killer or how Google called it – Google Plus.

Yes, it was a huge hit with popularity rising exponentially and breaking the roofs. It got amazing traction from Industry Bigshots and Criticsm, people were posting everywhere to get access to Google Plus whether on FB or LInkedIn or Twitter, Funny pictures floating around showing people asking Mark Zukerberg for an invite to G+, G+ trashing FB and Skype and what not. A trmendous following emerged and it went so haphazard that even Google couldn’t handle the load and had to stop the invitations from going out. This was the perfect thing Google could have imagined – but wait – did they miss a point here? Did they do something utterly wrong? Maybe Yes and No! Continue Reading