The Visionary Steve Jobs Dies – He was (just) 56

Apple co-Founder and ex-CEO  Steve Jobs is no more. He died on Oct 5th owing to his continuous battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Steve Jobs was one of the biggest legend in Innovation and creating the magic around what was always termed as Geeky Stuff. The 3 biggest things he revolutionized in the industry are:

  1. Launch of Personal Computing in 1977
  2. Making the Digital Music Commodity with iPod Series and iTunes Store
  3. Creating the revolution around mobile phones and Tablets

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Finally Chrome coming to Android?

The news for Android updates are coming like Your favorite cake with cherry on top – the difference is that a lot of cherry’s are coming 🙂 Past few days I have covered various stories on Android like IceCream Sandwich Leaked (With Video),Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime Releasing this Oct? and a few others. Looks like 13th Birthday for Google is going to be big 🙂

The new (leaked) news is that Chrome and Android lovers have a very  Continue Reading

High Speed Downloads and Making Money the Free Way

In today’s world where the download speed are touching 1.5Gbps and HQ movie are typically anywhere from 700Mb to 10Gb (depending on the RiPs) – consumers are feeling it easier to download movie (for free) and play it on their home theater.  Well it makes sense for them to do so as
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