Samsung Plans Something Big Next Week – Launches Teaser Video

Samsung unveiled a new video stating that “something BIG is coming” and the release is going to be during CTIA. There are no points for guessing what it is – if still unsure – read this post and this one also.

However, the images show something curve is coming – now we know Apple didn’t unveil the iPhone5 in its event – so will Samsung (and Google) also hold back Nexus Prime launch and launch something entirely new? But, they have to take care of the market sentiment where the fans are expecting something much better than iPhone 4S from these giants.

A few snapshots of the video are below:

I think Samsung  (and Google) are playing it well and putting a lot of Strategy to their launch. They planned it just after a week of Apple’s launch – so even though Apple gets a first mover advantage but still it can’t capitalize on it quickly. Apart from this we know how the (supposedly) Nexus Prime Images got leaked on Apple Day. So, mark your calendar for Oct 11th and see something “BIG” 🙂

If you want to have a look at the video – see below.

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