More Party for Android – Is BBM Coming to Android?

I wouldn’t have guessed that minutes after I post Chrome may be coming to Android – I will see another important update to Android.

Since Sept 2010, news in market was that BB playbook will be able to run Android Apps using an external system maybe or something inherit. Then RIM confirmed that they will use an external system (app launcher) to launch Android Apps. It looked like that it was a great deal for BB as the Playbook had goodness of both the platforms.

So how was it good for Android? Well till now, the only advantage

that seemed for Android was that it was somehow countering the growth of iPad mainly. But the deal had to be more – what seems as a ground breaking news – Android users will get the best of BB – Yes, BBM is coming to Android.

Interestingly, Technology Site Techradar has got some leaked images for BBM running on Android via Internal RIM employee and launch date is expected before 2012 – A Christmas gift maybe 😉

The employee claims that app is nearly ready and is in final rounds of testing. The image (cortsey: TechRadar) below shows the BBM icon on Android

Another image shows the Contact Profile which looks a lot similar to BBM

The images although show that app is almost ready – but we need to see if this is another icing on the cake for Android users – Specially who migrated from BB to Android and miss BBM.

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