High Speed Downloads and Making Money the Free Way

In today’s world where the download speed are touching 1.5Gbps and HQ movie are typically anywhere from 700Mb to 10Gb (depending on the RiPs) – consumers are feeling it easier to download movie (for free) and play it on their home theater.  Well it makes sense for them to do so as

  1. Speeds are so fast that it takes lesser time for downloading the movie rather than planning to go, buying tickets, etc etc
  2. The movie hall has a different kind of feeling but if you have a decent home theater @ your place – then who wouldn’t like the comfort of watching it on your Sofa-cum-bed with your close ones?
  3. Play/Pause it anytime you want – Don’t have to wait for the intermission
  4. Biggest of all – you don’t feel bad of wasting your money over a boring or a 1* movie
The whole movie industry is cribbing about piracy affecting their revenues and killing them. I say it is crap – the industry is so versatile that there are numerous chances of making money out by giving the movies for free. We know app developers are making money by giving apps for free. How do you do this? Simple –
  1. In-Movie New Age Ads: Give the movie for free and use in-movie ads – not the typical ad breaks – use the most popular cola can and link it with the movie
  2. Generate money through traditional Ads: Create your own downloadable client which allows the user to download movies and watch it through them – you can project ads in that space also
  3. Ensure Ads Visibility: To ensure that user watches the ads – run some cool engaging contests around the same.
  4. No Speed Limits: Also – do not limit download speeds through your server for free and paid users – if you do so – you are forcing the person to download the movie using a torrent or rapidshare
  5. Wanna Pay? For users who want don’t want to see ads – Make money on Quantity – make the movie so affordable (around a $ in developed countries and less than a 50cents in developing counties) that people can pay easily
  6. Better models than movie rental schemes – Get the content quicker and cheaper to the user
  7. Promote free as it sells – the biggest irony of today is that – whatever is free sells more – Infact Free is such a wide used tool that people have made business out of it – Free Shipping, Free Trial and what not – but to retain – no strings should be attached to the free concept
  8. Use Cloud to create the atmosphere – do not restrict the user to watch the movie from which system he/she wants – unrestricted access
  9. Sell Merchandise – Make money by selling movie merchandise through the client
  10. Safe: Online space is full with viruses and people who try to steal information. The biggest spread happens through downloading content from torrens and P2P softwares – coming from the distributor directly saves the users from these attacks

The free market for movies is still in a very nascent stage. A lot of the above models may not work now but has a potential to grow in the future – and with change in technology happening daily – we never know when a new phenomenon will overtake the free concept 🙂

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  1. Good Idea!
    Makes more sense than ISPs blocking down loaders, legislation and policing.
    Top quality legal downloads make sense – instead of poor quality rips – even better if full surround sound is embedded.

  2. Yes Mike – publishers can offer different versions which can support your need. I would say if you can’t fight the enemy – join them and eliminate them from within 🙂


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