Finally Chrome coming to Android?

The news for Android updates are coming like Your favorite cake with cherry on top – the difference is that a lot of cherry’s are coming 🙂 Past few days I have covered various stories on Android like IceCream Sandwich Leaked (With Video),Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime Releasing this Oct? and a few others. Looks like 13th Birthday for Google is going to be big 🙂

The new (leaked) news is that Chrome and Android lovers have a very  big surprise lined up from Google. Technology site Techradar have found a snippet of code posted on Google Chromium website which shows that Google Chrome Browser might be a reality soon on your favorite Android Phones. Till now, Android had installed WebKit browser by default which was actually based on the desktop version of Google Chrome. However, there was no direct integration with the Chrome Browser Project as both the teams were working independently – but now it will be integrated 🙂

So – will Chrome be the next version of WebKit – replacing it with an OTA update or will it be launched in the market with likes of Firefox, Opera, Skyfire and many more?

We have to wait for an official announcement from Google – Will it be with the IceCream Sandwich launch or will it be another surprise 😉 Lets wait and watch.

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