IceCream Sandwich Leaked (With Video)

When you order phone from online sites like eBay, Amazon, etc – you get great discounts and freebies – but for a gentleman – when he ordered his Samsung Nexus S -he got something which no one could have imagined – he got his Nexus S loaded with the next to be released Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich. I mentioned in my earlier post on how Samsung is promoting its event next week to (maybe) launch Nexus Prime and IceCream Sandwich.

Brad Molen from Engadget, describes the new changes he can see from Gingerbread.

“We can see plenty of influence from both Gingerbread and Honeycomb here, as well as four shortcuts on the bottom (a definite bump from the two found on vanilla 2.3). There’s a new Google Apps icon which opens up a tray containing a number of featured services put out by the search giant, and long-pressing the home button brings up a vertical Honeycomb-style multitasking menu. The notification bar, camera UI and other menus also have a much different look.”

Well for all those who are not sure about what Ice Cream Sandwich is – as per Google – it is the OS which will bring both the tablets and smartphones on the same platform. A few guys also mentioned that this may be a custom ROM to gain traction. So, our anonymous friend posted a video as below

What happened next – moments after the video was posted, the guys phone was remote wiped and locked – so much for the prized Nexus S 😦

Well, now we have to wait till Samsung event to see if the official version of the OS gets launched 🙂

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