Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime Releasing this Oct?

The funny thing about Google is that they are going in all possible direction – maybe trying to become the ultimate brand which comes to your mind in any space – whether its search, Solar Power, Social Media or the latest Launching the next Google Branded Phone aka Nexus Prime.

Yes – you read it right. Yesterday, Apple announced that they will be launching a new iPhone on Oct 4th (maybe iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5 – we will have to wait and watch – Refer Here); So today it had to be Google to make the announcement – but not directly.

Samsung has sent out invites for an event in San Diego where they have promised to “UnPack” something related to Android on 11th Oct. The event is named as “Google Episode” and invites for “Get a look at what’s new from Android”. The speculations and the Eric Schmidt Interview where he mentioned that Ice Cream Sandwich will release in Oct/Nov confirm to much extent that its the launch of Next Android OS on 11th Oct. So, if thats the case then why is Samsung sending out invites?

Well, looking at the trend from Google over last 2 Nexus phones – they like to launch the next Android OS with a completely new handset – first Eclair with HTC Nexus One and then Gingerbread with Samsung Nexus S – As Ice Cream Sandwich is the next major release for Android OS, so it has to be with the best handset yet – Nexus Prime.

Well, is it really going to happen? Maybe Yes or Maybe No as these are speculations but based on the past events. Industry experts have already put in assumptions on the specs of Nexus Prime and believe me – it can beat any phone hands down – but how will Apple iPhone par with this? Lets wait and watch.

For the readers, estimated specs are

  • 4.6-inch screen
  • Dualcore 1.5GHz processor
  • 1280×720 resolution HD display

Inputs taken from TechCrunch

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