Happy 13th Bday Google :)

Well whoever said 13 is unlucky will definitely be proved wrong – Today is Google’s 13th Bday and I don’t think there is anything that’s going to go wrong with them 🙂

Google was started as BackRub in Jan 1996 in Stanford and within a year the index grew so much that it needed a bigger bandwidth and space – So, Larry and Sargey decided to go out in open – but before that they needed a new name for the search engine – and they came up with Google – a word derived from Matehmetical term word “googol,” a number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

In Aug 1998, Andy Bechtolsheim (Co-founder Sun) writes a check of $1,000,000 to an entity that doesn’t exist. On 4th Sept 1998, Larry and Serge create “Google Technology Inc” and filed for incorporation in CA and deposited the first cheque they recd 🙂

Below, you can see the first page designed for google and it had Stanford written all over it 🙂

First Google Prototype

After this, there was no stopping to Google. It achieved numerous milestones so quickly that it made its competition look Dumb! The biggest milestones are covered below:

  • 1999 – Google removed the “!” mark from their name and laucnched the “Uncle Sam” page to search US Govt’s documents
  • 2000: Google Signed a partnership agreement with Yahoo as their Default Search provider. It also crossed 1Bn Indexed URL for its search. Apart from this, one of  their first monetization channel for Google was launched – AdWords
  • 2001: Google launched Google Images in July 2001 and quickly reached 250Mn images by Year End. Not only this, they even acquired Deja Usenet – which ultimately resulted in Google Groups.
  • 2002: Google Labs went live – Creating a harmony between users and Google – a trend which changed the industry.  They also launched the Google News
  • 2003: This was the year of AdSense – The biggest content targeted ad program – Initially, it was just targeted towards content and when google started applying deep semantics – it was termed as AdSense. Google also Acquired the creator of Blogger – Pyra Labs
  • 2004: This was the year Google made it bigger – Orkut, GMail and IPO were launched. There was no turning back now 🙂
  • 2005: Google Maps and Earth were launched in this year.  This created a complete new way people looked around their surroundings. A revolution which seems to be the essence of today’s world. Also, Google exposed its API’s to developers to create revolutionary products – Way to go!!!
  • 2006: Google acquired YouTube making its way in the next big thing on the internet. It also launched GChat and Checkout the same year.
  • 2007: Year of the Android – The revolution which will change the mobile space forever.
  • 2008: Google Launched Chrome – its own branded Open Source Browser. The same year T-Mobile mobile announced G1 – The first phone to feature Android.
  • 2009: Google Wave was launched – One of the few investments which google made but couldn’t make it big.
  • 2010: Google went into B2B with launch of Google Apps. It also revealed Google Buzz – a new attempt at Social Sharing integrated into GMail. Later in the year, it also release GoogleTV
  • 2011: This is the year Google Launched Google+. The latest attempt to get back into Social Networking.

There are numerous other things which happened over these 13 years (Official Google Timeline) . But one thing was never seen by Google – The Fall. Over the last 13 years the only thing it saw was the growth and severe competitions – but in the end it emerged as an overall leader. The biggest quality was that Google was very open to admit defeat in Orkut, Wave, etc but made it big in what it does the best – Search 🙂

Rumors are that Google will pretty soon enter into Telecom Space in Spain with its own Branded SIMs. Lets wait and watch 🙂 Maybe thats the big thing for its 14th bday 🙂

On The lighter side – Google has turned Teenager – Don’t be surprised if it stops answering your questions 😉

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